Landscaping Design and Installation

Creating amazing designs and flawless installation our team is known for going the extra mile to get it done.

Planning & Design

Before we start any install there first needs to be a consultation to go over your wants and needs of the property landscape. Our designer will walk through options, provide ideas, and work with you to come up with the perfect plan.

We will tackle plant selection, such as trees, flowers, bushes, etc., to be used in your new landscaping. We’ll also determine the shape and placement of your landscaping beds and whether any hardscaping elements, like walkways, patios, or water features will be included. In addition, we will help you select ground covering for your landscaping beds as well. Both mulch and rock options are available and will help determine the final quote of your project. So having a budget in mind will help our designer work with you on all of these decisions.

Landscape Removal

After the design is decided on and before we get started on the install we will need to remove all old landscaping unless decided with the team that you want to keep any materials.

Removing and prepping will then come into place, this typically involves digging, hauling away old plants, reshaping the landscape beds, fixing any drainage issues, and preparing the soil for the planting of the new shrubs, flowers, and trees.

New Install

If there are any hardscape materials we will install these first. Once the beds and hardscape elements are prepped then we will dig for the plants. Lastly we will bring in the mulch and/or rock for a final touch.

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